High quality, yet competitively priced Power Sonic Super Sport Series batteries offers a
complete line of batteries to meet all of your Powersport needs.

Built with confidence by our ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified factory, the broad range of
sizes and battery types makes the Power-Sonic Super Sport Series battery products one of the
best choices available on the market today.

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  • One of the most complete powersport battery lines available

  • Excellent quality, yet competitively priced

  • All conventional types available with or without acid packs

  • A complete offering of factory activated products

  • Attractive packaging

  • U.S. DOT & Transport Canada compliant

  • LIMITED QUANTITY packaging which avoids Haz-Mat fees

  • OEM qualified supplier to the powersports industry


Powersport Battery Types

There are three kinds of Powersport Batteries:

  • Conventional

  • AGM Sealed Maintenance Free

  • AGM Factory Activated Maintenance Free

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This type of batteries has flooded electrolyte and is very accessible. These batteries have to be carefully and periodically maintained. The conventional batteries are normally less expensive than the other types mentioned above, but with the cost savings come more maintenance. You will need to add distilled water from time to time to prevent the battery from sulfating. Water loss is a normal characteristic of this type of battery because of the high temperature inside, and the process of electrolysis and evaporation. This means the fluid level of the battery needs to be checked on a regular basis. Conventional batteries also tend to discharge more rapidly than AGM type batteries.

AGM Sealed Maintenance Free

Once these batteries are put into service, they become a completely sealed unit requiring a lot less maintenance than the Conventional Batteries mentioned above. Although the battery still needs to be charged on a regular basis if your vehicle is not in use, there is no need to monitor the fluid level in this battery type. Unlike the conventional battery listed above, once this type battery is sealed, it becomes spill proof, which can eliminate damage from battery acid that can occur from using a flooded battery.

AGM Factory Activated Maintenance Free

The same convenience and technology as the AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries mentioned above, except this battery is sealed and activated at the time of manufacture. Very convenient to the point that all that needs to be done is put the battery into your vehicle and you are ready to ride. The only downside of this type of battery is that all batteries once activated have a shelf life, and if this battery is not going to be used right away, or be put in a vehicle that is not going to ridden on a regular basis, the battery will need to be kept charged on a battery maintainer.

Power-Sonic Corporation has 46 years experience in the battery industry. From our inception in 1970 our total corporate focus has been the design, manufacture, and marketing of rechargeable batteries.

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