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ITom McLaughlin


St. Ann's Catholic School - Excelsior Springs, MO

Tom McLaughlin

In the fall of 1953 a school opened taught by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. These sisters had been coming to the parish to teach religious education since 1942. There were 53 students the first year.

March of 1967 the Diocesan School board held a meeting in regards to the closing of the school. The announcement to the community caused much uproar. The President of the Excelsior Springs Public School Board, Leroy Strassheim, said the closure of the school "would be a step backwards for the entire community'. He explained the public schools could not accommodate the addtional students. The Mayor at the time, Casey Rounkles and the secretary of the Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce, Bill Lambert, made suggestion that the school remain open along with the Diocesan PTA Federation, Mrs. V.A. Niewrzel. The results of the meeting were a recommendation to keep the school open but to close the seventh and eighth grade.

An Appeal was made in August of 1968 to the Diocesan Grievance Board by the parish to keep the school open. The final decision was consolidate the school with St. james School in Liberty. The reasons cited for closing the school were; declining enrollment, shift in population and the fact the Sisters would be withdrawing from tht school in the spring of 1969. There were 80 students enrolled at this time all being taught by 3 Sisters.