Twin Power: By Bikers for Bikers

It fits like it should.

When you hear the term "V-Twin," what do you think of? Do you think of the staccato rumble of a V-Twin custom motorcycle as it idles next to you at a stoplight? That rumble you can feel in your bones?

That’s what we think of.

The quintessential American V-Twin motorcycle has a distinctive sound and look that we love. For over 30 years, Twin Power has set itself as a leader in the aftermarket parts and accessories.

We were born by bikers for bikers. If we don’t sport our product on our own rides, we won’t sell it to you. And we know motorcycles. We race, we ride and we build our bikes. We hold records and share our experiences with one another in order to bring you the best quality product at an affordable price.

We keep your twins happy.

Twin Power: It fits like it should.


When it comes to choosing a battery for your American V-Twin, look no further than Twin Power.


For those seeking the lightest possible weight and increased cold cranking amps, our feature packed Lithium Ion batteries are the answer. They offer an easy direct, fit a 2 year warranty, and unmatched performance.


When high quality, direct fit, and better than stock price are desired, our High Performance and Premium AGM batteries are what you need. These offer the latest technology in a lead acid type battery.


Whatever your choice, we’ll get you started.


What good is Go if you don’t have Whoa? The brake system is one of the most important group of components on a motorcycle for obvious reasons. Twin Power takes American V-Twin brakes seriously. We offer the finest precision ground Spanish made stainless steel rotors in both floating and solid mounted styles in several designs. Our brake pads are available in X-Stop Sintered and Organic compounds for sure stopping. Finish off your braking system our D.O.T. brake line kits, universal series lines, and wide array of banjo bolts, junctions, and adaptor fittings. Everything you need to plumb up any braking system from stock to full on custom.




The American V-Twin Drivetrain is a lot more complex than it initially appears. Everything between the engine and the rear wheel makes up this critical group of components. This includes the primary group comprised of: the primary housing, compensating sprocket or compensator eliminator, primary chain, primary chain adjuster clutch shell, clutch hub, and clutch pack. Power is transferred into the transmission next and finally the rear wheel via pulleys and belts or sprockets and chains. All of these happenings are aided by the clutch release system including the throw out bearing, pushrod, ramp or hydraulic release. Twin Power will keep ya’ going down the road, not on the side of it!




You just gotta love the sound and simplicity of an American V-Twin engine. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow! Cool right? Twin Power has what it takes to keep yours making that beautiful music. Starting with the top end, we offer a quality line of cast pistons and cylinders. Moving on to the valve train, you’ll find rocker arms, tappet guides, USA made lifters, pushrod covers, replacement tensioner shoes, cam chains and more. To keep your bottom end rolling smoothly, we offer some of the best oil pumps in the business. Spend less time wrenching and more time in the wind with high quality Twin Power engine components.


Proper fuel and air control is essential to a crisp running American V-Twin. When it comes to carburetors, we offer a wide array of tuning components including jets, recalibration kits, needles, and more. When the problems are a little deeper than a simple tune, look no further for rebuild kits, replacement vacuum pistons, accelerator pumps, and some really hard to find fuel inlet fittings and small parts. Our complete line of intake mounting hardware will keep you sealed up and eliminate those pesky intake leaks.


Twin Power Air Filters are high quality Made in USA and 100% washable and reusable.


For late model EFI equipped models, a complete line of Made in USA Oxygen Sensors are available.




It seems that nothing is more misunderstood on a motorcycle than the electrical system. It’s pretty hard to diagnose something you can’t see, right? Twin Power electrical components are designed for easy direct fit and long life on your American V-Twin. From a replacement handlebar switch for a vintage Knuck, to a Shovelhead points conversion kit or a high quality replacement starter for the latest model, Twin Power can handle all of your electrical parts needs. Check out our extensive line of switches, regulators, stators, alternator rotors, ignition coils and rebuild components. We’ll start you up and keep you running!


Twin Power is dedicated to using the best materials for all of its products, including its line of lubricants designed specifically for American V-Twin engines, all of which are made in the USA. Twin Power oil is not just another repackaged oil, but specifically developed for its application. An oil for an Air Cooled American V-Twin has unique needs. The oil must have extreme heat resistance, resistance to extreme pressure and resistance to heat cycles. This requires a completely different base stock than, say, a liquid-cooled metric engine. The additive package chosen is also unique, including anti-friction additives, extreme pressure additives, anti-shear additives, viscosity improvers and dispersants and inhibitors to control combustion by-products. Hours of laboratory testing are required to validate the finished product to make sure it’s better than the competition. The same parameters are used in the development of all our lubricants, including transmission oil, primary oil and suspension fluids.


Twin Power oil filters are specifically designed for your American V-Twin and packed with features at a great price. Optional built in nut allows easy wrench removal. Twin Cam filters utilize a 10 micron material and an anti-drain valve, while earlier models use a 20 micron material without anti drain valve. They are also available with magnet and in black or chrome.


Let’s face it; there’s nothing sexy about inner tubes, and you never give them a second thought till one lets you down. Twin Power inner tubes are molded from heavy duty extra thick natural rubber with heavy duty valve stems. They are reinforced and available in a wide range of sizes with either metal or rubber stems in straight or offset configurations. You wouldn’t buy cheap condoms, why skimp on your inner tubes? It’s just not worth the risk!

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